Binance Trade Suspended, Issue Could Be Due to Syscoin

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Binance trading suspension: 13 hours ago, Binance announced that it would go through another ‘system maintenance,’ which resulted in another suspension of trading on its platform for an extended period of time.

A week and a half ago, the major cryptocurrency exchange went through a similar event that resulted in the suspension of the exchange for ten hours.

This time, there was eight hours of downtime.

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#Binance Incident Recap on Irregular SYS Trading

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Binance Trading Suspension: SYS Trading Irregularities

During its maintenance, the Binance internal risk management system found irregular traders in a number of API users. This prompted the suspension of trading and withdrawals on the Binance platform.

The suspension of withdrawals and trades was not originally planned but was a decision made during the maintenance process.

Syscoin, a fork of the Bitcoin protocol, announced yesterday that it had noticed a potential issue and asked major exchanges to suspend the trading of SYS immediately.


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